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New Trailer For The Humbling: Al Pacino’s Comeback Starts Here

The Humbling

After years of sub-par film roles, Al Pacino is finally ready for a comeback worthy of his talents. Performances in David Gordon Green’s Manglehorn and the comedy Imagine are gaining lots of buzz for the legendary actor, but one of the most promising films on Pacino’s upcoming slate looks set to be The Humbling.

Directed by Barry Levinson (Rain Man), The Humbling stars Pacino as an ageing Broadway star who has a romantic affair with a younger lesbian (Greta Garwig). Parallels between the character and his own life make this an intriguing prospect for Pacino, who’s clearly invested a lot into the project after personally buying the rights himself.

Speaking at the 2014 Venice Film Festival, Pacino has this to say about the role;

“The character is getting older and the feelings he has for his work are becoming less available to him, so he tries to compensate and becomes a little off and confused and slips into a kind of depression that expresses itself in his work.”

This description makes The Humbling sound like it will be a serious drama, but the new trailer suggests that Pacino’s role is far funnier than the outline would lead you to believe. While reviews from the Venice Film Festival have been mixed so far, the promo is hilarious from start to finish and this looks like it could be Pacino’s best performance since he starred in Christopher Nolan’s drama Insomnia way back in 2002.

Check out the trailer below and see if you agree.

There’s a fine line between genius and madness“… 

Will this finally be Al Pacino’s big comeback or will The Humbling reach ‘Gigli‘ levels of embarrassment? And what do you think of Pacino’s recent profession of love for Guardians of the Galaxy? Could he find success in a Marvel movie following intimate roles in dramas like The Humbling? Sound off in the comments section below.

The Humbling also stars Charles Grodin, Dianne Wiest, Kyra Sedgwick and Mandy Patinkin. While there is no official release date as of yet, The Humbling will likely hit theaters sometime in 2015.

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Tommy Lee Jones Directs The Homesman


Based on Glendon Swarthout‘s novel of the same title, The Homesman tells the story of an independent woman, Mary Be Cuddy (Hilary Swank) who ends up coming to the rescue of low-life claimed jumper, George Briggs (Tommy Lees Jones). To return the favour for Mary saving him, George agrees to assist her in escorting three unfortunately unhinged, insane woman from Nebraska to Iowa.

At first glance this trailer has a comedic element and even a Coen Brothers feel, but as it progresses we see that the narrative may not be as light hearted as we would have liked it to be. Directed by Tommy Lee Jones who other than a smidgen of TV has only ever done The Burials of Melquiades Estrada, but from this clip he appears to have done a good job. Along the way we meet the likes of Miranda Otto, Tim Blake Nelson, Meryl Streep and True Grits Hailee Steinfield. This may seem like it’s just going to be the average western but let’s hope it’s going to be much more than just horses and dust.

The Homesman will be released on the 21st November in the UK, have a watch of the trailer and let us know what you think.

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Comic Con 2014 – Mad Max: Fury Road Wows Surprised Audiences


2015 belongs to the mad…

After years of aborted shoots and production worries, it became easy to denounce Mad Max: Road Fury before any footage was even unveiled, but it turns out we didn’t need to worry. The filmmakers finally revealed a three minute trailer at Comic Con 2014 and somehow defied all expectations, making its appearance one of the most talked about events of the festival.

Returning to the franchise that made his name, director George Miller has enlisted an incredible cast to bring his vision of post-apocalyptic Australia to life, including Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult in almost unrecognizable roles.

FURY ROADThe trailer starts with Hardy crushing a two-headed lizard under his boot before driving out into the radioactive Australian outback. A chase quickly ensues between Hardy and a gang of barbaric thugs on wheels who torture and brand our hero with strange markings. Shot without a traditional script and with minimal dialogue, Miller told Comic Con that Fury Road is a “chase movie” based in a future where people have gone back to an “elemental form of behaviour” in a land with “no rule of law”.

Without spoiling too much, it’s worth mentioning that the production design looks incredible, perfectly embodying the tone of the series while still updating the general aesthetic for modern audiences. Fans should be getting seriously excited right about now…

Don’t believe me? Watch the Comic Con footage for Mad Max: Fury Road below.

Want to see more of the four principal actors? Thought you did! Check out these incredible character posters…

Mad Max 3

Mad Max 2

Mad Max 4

Mad Max 1

Will Tom Hardy live up to Mel Gibson’s legacy? Has George Miller still got what it takes to direct an incredible Mad Max movie? And why does Hugh Keays-Byrne’s character look suspiciously like Hardy’s Bane from the Dark Knight franchise? Let us know what you thought of the Comic Con footage and posters in the comments section below.

Mad Max: Fury Road is coming to cinemas 15 May, 2015.

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Nightcrawler: Gaunt Jake Gyllenhaal in Bizarre Trailer


A new viral video has been released to promote Jake Gyllenhaal’s upcoming crime thriller Nightcrawler, but it is far removed from your typical teaser trailer. The title Nightcrawler is never mentioned, not even in the name of the clip, which is simply called “Hard Worker Seeking Employment” and the Youtube user name is that of Gyllenhaal’s character Louis Bloom.

The trailer works as a video resume of sorts, where Bloom appeals to both the audience and characters within the film for work. In a world where audiences are subjected to a new online trailer every ten minutes or so, this unusual approach to marketing Nightcrawler certainly sets it apart from other movies, but is it effective.

The first thing you notice is the transformation Gyllenhaal underwent to take on the part of Louis Bloom. The actor lost twenty pounds for the role and the effect is immediately disorientating for those used to seeing Gyllenhaal as a built and confident young man. Instead, here we see Gyllenhaal as a gaunt, uneasy figure bubbling over with a nervous energy that leaves the viewer uncomfortable.

While we know that Nightcrawler is about an unemployed man who enters the world of L.A. freelance crime journalism, there is still much we don’t know about the film as of yet. However, this unusual viral video certainly piques the viewers interest, leaving you wanting more. Personally, I think this approach is a bold and exciting move on the part of the studio, but check out the clip below and see what you think.

What are your thoughts on this teaser video for Nightcrawler? Is it an effective means of promotion or do you prefer a more traditional approach? What do you think of Gyllenhaal’s transformation? And most importantly of all, does this video actually make you want to see the film? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Nightcrawler is the directorial debut of screenwriter Dan Gilroy (Bourne Legacy) and features co-stars Bill Paxton, Rene Russo and Riz Ahmed. The film is scheduled for an October 17 release via Open Road Films.

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The Gift of Annabelle: A New Trailer and Poster for The Conjuring Spin-off


As a huge fan of James Wan and his horror offerings, I was disappointed to hear he would not be taking the director reigns for The Conjuring’s spin-off Annabelle. However, after seeing this trailer you cannot miss the spooky Wan touch and influence within it.

John R. Leonetti, cinematographer for The Conjuring, is at hand to direct Annabelle with producers James Wan and Peter Safran. The story takes place before The Conjuring and the trailer sees a pregnant woman receive the dreaded Annabelle doll as a gift. However, she has apparently been looking for it for a long time and is thrilled. We all know this thrill won’t last and we soon see her tormented in her home by some uninvited visitors.

Dolls are damn right creepy and when used well in films they can create some memorable and terrifying moments. This is a very promising trailer; it gives us a little taste of Annabelle’s origins, but leaves plenty for us to look forward to. It’s a tense 2 minutes and the final shot will make your hairs stand on end.

The poster makes a good use of simplicity to get its scares across. The idea of a doll crying blood is a rather unnerving thought on its own, but the Annabelle doll is particularly intimidating with her piercing eyes and haunting grin. Oh, the shivers!

Here’s to hoping Annabelle is a well-crafted and atmospheric horror, something that will leave us sleeping with the lights on.


Annabelle will be released on October 3rd in the USA and October 10th in the UK.

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The Big Hero 6 Trailer Is Here! But Where Are The Rest Of The Team?

Big Hero 6 Disney-Movie

Superheroes are ridiculously popular right now and Disney have just had their most successful hit in years with Frozen, so it doesn’t take a genius to work out that combining the two could be a huge earner at the box office. Lo and behold, Walt Disney Animation Studios have finally released the first full length trailer for Big Hero 6, a Marvel superhero adaptation that looks set to repeat the phenomenal success of Frozen and Wreck-It-Ralph.

Big Hero 6 follows robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada as he joins a reluctant team of crime fighters to defend the city of San Fransokyo from evil forces. However, the trailer focuses almost solely on Hamada and his robot companion Baymax, which seems a bizarre choice given that the movie features an ensemble cast akin to the Avengers or X-Men. Of course, any movie hoping to establish a new franchise will introduce itself to audiences via one central protagonist, but it would have been nice to see more of the team as a whole in action.

It’s also apparent from the trailer that Disney are keen to focus on the cute antics of Baymax to draw in the younger crowds. This makes sense in a way, but the robot was already featured heavily in the teaser trailer released earlier this year, so it’s disappointing that Disney didn’t put their trust in other central characters such as Fred, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Go Go Tamago to appeal to audiences. Presumably, future trailers will showcase the team as a whole and there are four more months left before Big Hero 6 hits theaters, so we’ll certainly gain a more comprehensive overview of the movie soon.

Despite the narrow focus of the trailer, Big Hero 6 looks like it could be one of the best animated movies of the year. So far, the design is gorgeous, the action looks great and the gags hit the mark every time. The voice cast is also impressive, featuring acclaimed performers such as Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit, Maya Rudolph, James Cromwell, and Alan Tudyk, just to name a few, so there’s good reason to get excited about this one.

Check out the trailer below and see if you agree.

Disney are going to sell A LOT of Baymax toys when Big Hero 6 is finally released, but what do you think of the trailer? Is it as good as you expected? Do you think the rest of the team should have been featured more? And could Big Hero 6 even surpass Frozen in the box office stakes? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Big Hero 6 hits theaters on November 7.

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“We’re the Fricking Guardians of the Galaxy!” – New Extended Trailer


It’s almost here.

Fans have been drooling for the chance to finally see Guardians of the Galaxy for months and now we’re only a few short weeks away from the official release, Marvel Studios have released their most exciting trailer yet for the film.

Set to a retro soundtrack featuring The Runaway’s Cherry Bomb, the extended trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy is an action packed feast for the eyes which reveals more than any footage has before. From start to finish, hilarious turns from each of the bizarre heroes are interspersed between impressive fight sequences that ensure Guardians of the Galaxy will be the biggest hit of the summer and may even become Marvel’s next film to hit the one billion mark.

Pretty impressive for a comic book property few had even heard of just a few short years ago.

The highlight of the new trailer is undoubtedly the sequence at the end, which features the whole team discussing their plan of action. Without spoiling any of the footage, I will say that while its obvious Chris Pratt will become a huge star following his performance as adventurer Star Lord, its Bradley Cooper’s turn as the CGI gun toting Rocket Raccoon that will clearly be the breakout role.

Guardians of the Galaxy is directed by James Gunn, the man behind the underrated superhero comedy Super and stars a host of talented actors including Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan, Djimon Hounsou, John C. Reilly, Glenn Close and Benicio del Toro.

Can Marvel balance the humor and action successfully? Will Guardians of the Galaxy reach the one billion dollar mark? And will 12% of a good plan be enough to save the galaxy?

What are you waiting for? Check out the trailer below to see “a team so good it’s criminal.” Then let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Book tickets now to be first in line for the August 1st release date.



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A Most Wanted Man has an International Trailer

A Most Wanted Man

 A Most Wanted Man is shaping up to be a great epitaph for Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The last Hunger Games movies will be the last films on Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s resume, however A Most Wanted Man will be the last film where he can command a significant portion of the screen, where we can see the great actor in a big complex role. At least that’s what we are hoping for and so far the upcoming movie is certainly shaping up to those high hopes.

The film is an adaptation of the famous spy thriller written by John le Carré. After the impressive Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (directed by Tomas Alfredson) Anton Corbijn is going to have his work cut out to deliver an adaptation that can live up to the heights produced by Alfredson. Still he has assembled an interesting and talented cast that includes Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel McAdams, Robin Wright and Willem Dafoe. Plus every thing that we are seeing and hearing is extremely promising. Fingers crossed that this could be as good as it looks.

So, what’s it all about? We’ll tell you in present day Hamburg a tortured and near-dead half-Chechen, half-Russian man on the run arrives in the city’s Islamic community desperate for help and looking to recover his late Russian father’s ill-gotten fortune. Nothing about him seems to add up; is he a victim, thief or, worse still, an extremist intent on destruction? Drawn into this web of intrigue is a British banker and a young female lawyer, determined to defend the defenceless. All the while, they are being watched by the brilliant, roguish chief of a covert German spy unit, who fights to put the pieces together as the clock ticks.

Here in the UK we will get to see A Most wanted Man on the 12th of September.  That’s it for now, we shall leave you with the international trailer:

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Zomcom ‘Life After Beth’ serves up a new trailer!

Life After Beth

In Life After Beth Dane DeHann wishes he had said certain things to his girlfriend, now he may just get his chance…

We are not quite sure what to make of Life After Beth yet. Is it going to be a knowing, tongue in cheek look at the zomcom? Is it perhaps more of what we’ve seen before? This is Dane DeHann‘s first comedy role and yet we’re not worried about that; the guy is a very capable actor and he has some very solid support in the form of this cast. But this trailer isn’t really showing us anything new, although it isn’t too tired either…

On the plus side for Life After Beth we have the previous mentioned Dane DeHann an actor who seems to be taking on a real range of roles and who is impressing us across the board. On top of his casting we also have people such as Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza and John C. Reilly involved which can only be a good thing for the movie.

On the more negative side of things is the fact that we have seen so many zomcoms now that we can’t help but be a little skeptical as to whether Life After Beth is going to offer us anything fresh to sink our teeth into at all. After Shaun of the Dead came out all those years ago we have been saturated with movies such as Warm Bodies and (the admittedly great) Zombieland, and we are beginning to think that this field has been well and truly mined now for comedic potential.  Also this is writer Jeff Baena‘s first foray into the director’s seat, so it’s hard to know  whether to class his involvement as either a positive or negative thing at the moment.

For now then we will leave it up to you to form your opinion of the movie. Do you reckon it’s going to be a hilarious laugh a minute treat? Or more something that should have been left in the grave? Watch the trailer below and see what you think!

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Into the Storm Whips Up a New Trailer

into the storm


Into the Storm – High School students take on the power of a tornado in Quale’s new trailer.

Steven Quale‘s (Final Destination 5, Avatar) latest project follows a group of high school students who witness and record a terrifying tornado attack upon the  town Silverton. They aim to document the attack itself and the destruction and pain the storm leaves behind, but the eye of a storm holds more than a few dangers and they may well lose more than just a good shot.

Into the Storm has gathered up a great cast including Richard Armitage, Jeremy Sumpter, Sarah Wayne CalliesNathan Kress and Matt Walsh. It’s exciting to see Armitage here, we all now know him from The Hobbit as Thorin, but of course he has had an excellent and varied career before Middle Earth and he will undoubtedly bring a real gravitas and strength to his role here. Also Walking Dead fans (like us) will be happy to see Sarah Wayne Callies here. She plays Rick’s wife in the hit TV show and we are looking forward to seeing what she will do in this new project.

You can expect to see Into the Storm in theatres on the 22nd of August here in the UK, and if you’re across the pond in the USA then you can catch it earlier on the 8th.

We will leave you for now with Into the Storm‘s latest trailer:

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More Stupidity from the International Trailer for Dumb and Dumber To


Earlier this month, Universal Pictures released the first trailer for the brilliantly titled Dumb and Dumber To and already, the international trailer has arrived online. While the new promo starts off the same, the second half features new footage of the two idiots Lloyd (Jim Carrey) and Harry (Jeff Daniels) as they search to find Harry’s grown-up daughter, twenty years after the events of the first film.

Rob Riggle, Kathleen Turner, Laurie Holden, Cam Neely and Brady Bluhm co-star alongside Carrey and Daniels, while a number of cameo appearances are also rumored, including Jennifer Lawrence… and wouldn’t that just be awesome? I would love to see Lawrence channel some of the craziness that she nailed for her role in Silver Linings Playbook and I know a million movie fans would feel the same way.

Before you watch the new international trailer for Dumb and Dumber To below, try and guess what you think might be the second most annoying sound in the world is and brace yourself for the most literal time joke you will ever hear. It’s ridiculous, but brilliant all at once.

Comedy is always subjective and sequels in this genre rarely impress, but I have high hopes for Dumb and Dumber To. With the cast and directors from the first film on board, this could very well capture the spirit of the original. The catheter joke alone fills me with hope… and some slight nausea. Either way, it’s a promising start.

The Farrelly brothers return to direct this sequel which will hit theaters November 14th.

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New Simon Pegg Trailer for Hector and the Search for Happiness


Simon Pegg has enjoyed unlikely success in recent years, taking on leading roles despite not fitting into Hollywood’s conventional idea of what a male movie star should be. After fighting zombies, saving the world and even fixing the Enterprises warp drive, the British actor has now set his sights on… searching for happiness?

A new trailer for Hector and the Search for Happiness has just been released, which follows the titular Hector as he travels the world, visiting various countries to find out what makes people smile. Some may find it hard to understand why a successful psychiatrist based in London and married to Rosamund Pike (Pride & Prejudice, An Education) would be unhappy in the first place, but as they say, the grass is always greener…

Based on the novel by Francois Lelord, the upcoming drama has been compared to both Forrest Gump and Eat, Pray, Love for its fable like tone, but hopefully, it won’t be the ultimate cheese-fest that this description implies. Pegg normally makes sound choices and with a cast that includes Toni Collete, Stellan Skarsgård, Jean Reno, and Christopher Plummer, one would hope that director Peter Chelsom should find it difficult to mess this one up… but perhaps I speak too soon. Chelsom’s last directorial effort was Hannah Montana: The Movie and prior to that, he helmed the shockingly poor Richard Gere/Jennifer Lopez travesty Shall We Dance?

At times, it can be hard, but let’s try our best to ignore Chelsom’s past sins and look ahead to a brighter future with the new trailer for Hector and the Search for Happiness.

Will Hector find happiness? Will Rosamund Pike ever stop being beautiful? And will the lady at the end of the trailer ever master saying the word ‘happiness’ without sounding like a prostitute?

The answers to all these questions and more will be unveiled when Hector and the Search for Happiness hits UK cinemas August 15th. Just watch out for ironic uses of the word ‘happy’ by reviewers if the film doesn’t meet their high expectations when August rolls around.

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