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A Short Mission: Drool

There come few shorts that make you go “woah” on first watch and instantly go back and replay it. Done In is one of the finer examples of this. But Jeremiah Kipp’s Drool has me salivating and since watch it, I have perused it’s delectable details and stunning imagery so much, I am afraid I might wear it out. Prepare to have your horror likes subverted in a simplistic form and for just over four minutes of screen time to seer into your noggin, leaving you with a haunting taste on your tongue.

Drool has seemingly no plot, a man and a woman rive around in a clear unknown substance that could be of the titular variety. It is literally that but the passionate and visceral body work in this sort is alluring. Kipp presents an undeniably horrific tale that bends conception into a film of anamorphosis and has deeper themes to it. Birth, femininity and in extremity, sexual violence; Kipp admirably portrays them with this passionate flair of nightmarish contortions . As the characters ooze in the thick gel of drool, they shatter with emotions: pain and pleasure, sex and anguish, it all comes away in this highly disturbing away.

It feels so Cronenberg with how it alludes to darker themes without over complicating the plot. The simplicity in the art is much more outlandish than expected but it is fearsome and wonderful.

[vimeo id=”33438309″]


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