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CHIPS is About to Happen. Why Do YOU Want to be a CHP?


All our favourite nostalgia-filled ’70s, ’80s and ’90s shows are very much a part of the zeitgeist right now and with Dax Shepard’s riotous riff on a particular favourite childhood series of mine, “CHiPs,” all set to cruise into cinemas this Friday, March 24, Warner Bros. has unleashed another exclusive clip asking Jon Baker (Shepard) just exactly why he thinks he’s CHPO material …

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Review: GET OUT

The best kind of horror has always been the films where real life expectations and experiences are subverted. They play on our day to day lives,
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REVIEW: Atomica

In Atomica, safety inspector Abby Dixon (Sarah Habel) flies out to inspect an isolated nuclear power plant, she discovers that the plant’s two employees are both
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