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‘TREASURE’ Trailer Presents Father-Daughter Road Movie Through the Prism of the Legacy of the Holocaust

FilmNation Entertainment and Bleecker Street have today released the official trailer and confirmed the release date for writer/director Julia Von Heinz‘ impactful and moving father-daughter road movie, Treasure, based on the partly autobiographical novel “Too Many Men” by Lily Brett. This marks the release of the third instalment in von Heinz’s ‘Aftermath Trilogy’ exploring the legacy of Germany’s Nazi past following 2013’s Hanna’s Journey and And Tomorrow the Entire World, Germany’s 2020 Oscar submission.

Starring Lena Dunham (“Girls,” Sharp Stick) and Stephen Fry (V For Vendetta, Wilde), and set in 1990s Poland, Treasure follows Ruth (Dunham), an American music journalist, and her father, Edek (Fry), a charmingly stubborn Holocaust survivor, on a journey to his homeland. While Ruth is eager to make sense of her family’s past, Edek embarks on the trip with his own agenda. This emotional, funny culture clash of two New Yorkers exploring post-socialist Poland is a powerful example of how reconnecting with family and the past can be an unexpected treasure.

Speaking with BFI when the film screened at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, Fry said that, “This film is set against the darkest possible historical moment of the 20th century. But it’s also just a father and daughter story, and they’re the strongest stories there are. Shakespeare’s last five plays were father and daughter plays. It’s a father wanting a daughter to be lovelier and more in demand and yet at the same time, never wanting her to step out of the house – and how dare a boy even look at her. And, “I like that previous boyfriend, I don’t like this one.” The nonsense of a father-daughter relationship but through the prism of one of the most important things about the Holocaust, the legacy of it. The ripples that keep rippling out.”

Writer/Director von Heinz suggests that their adaptation of the novel ‘Too Many Men,’ “focuses on the love story beteween father and daughter, two individuals who could not be less alike. Holocaust survivor Edek Rothwax radiates strength, optimism and humanity and befriends everyone he meets. His daughter, Ruth, however carries with her the trauma of her parents and encounters Poland, the country of her family’s death, with anger and bitterness.”

The film is produced by von Heinz, Fabian Gasmia, and Lena Dunham, and co-produced by Thomas Jaeger, Antoine Delahousse, and Mariusz Wlodarski.

FilmNation Entertainment and Bleecker Street will release Treasure in theaters this June 14. Elysian has also announced that the film will also be released in UK & Irish cinemas on the same date.


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