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Harrison Ford Hints at Possible Return to Blade Runner

Recently, whilst in conversation with IGN, Harrison Ford revealed that he has been in talks with Ridley Scott about returning to the Blade Runner universe. This is a piece of news that only adds fire to the on-going discussions amongst fans as to whether a second Blade Runner film is a fantastic idea that will be visually stunning, or, and this seems to be the majority’s viewpoint, whether the new film is unnecessary and will inevitably weaken the original.

Certainly if Ford returns as the character, Deckard, it will remove layers of the ambiguity that’s associated with his character’s background and human/replicant status, unless of course you take Scott’s word as gospel as he has been giving a simple answer to this question for years. It seems to us that that’s a hard decision to justify, but there are other options available to the filmmakers.

Fans of the original should take comfort in the fact that the original scriptwriter (Hampton Fancher) has returned to work on this sequel, however there are also some surprising ideas floating around out there that may well anger fans, such as Katie Perry’s strong interest in playing a young Rachael! With several of the original characters supposedly set to return, according to the current version of the script, this piece of news seems somewhat likely to actually develop into Ford making an appearance.

Let us know what you make of this. Should the new film be isolated from the original, or instead involve the original characters in some meaningful way?


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