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Before & After: The Goonies All Grown Up

The Goonies managed to personify everything you wanted to be able to do as a child, but it wasn’t possible and even if it was, you weren’t allowed to. It’s an inspirational tale of a group of kids who embark on a coming of age adventure, which manages to produce enthusiasm in people of all ages. But what are the child stars up to these days, all grown up?



Sean Astin Final

Mikey, the leader of the group, was played by Sean Astin and this was his film debut. These days, he appears on TV a lot, including NCIS and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but his most famous role was that of Sam in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings. Should you ever fancy catching him as you’ve never seen him before, we highly recommend watching 2007 indie horror flick, Borderland.

Goonies Fact: Astin left halfway through recording a DVD commentary for the film and never came back. The recording session had started later than scheduled and Astin had already made plans to introduce his friend Joe Pantoliano who was M.C.’ing at a local theatre. He left the recording studio for a quick change of clothes, popped his head back in to say why he had to make an early departure, and left an action figure of his Lord of The Rings character, Sam Gamgee to take his place.


Corey Feldman Final

Clark, or Mouth as he is nicknamed, was the loud one of the group, portrayed by Corey Feldman. Since then, his most famous role was in another iconic coming of age tale, Stand By Me, in which he played an equally bold and brash young lad. He has also been in many films such as cult fave, Lost Boys, but most recently took part in ITV’s Dancing on Ice. Quite the switch, right?

Goonies Fact: Mouth’s grandma is in fact Feldman’s real grandma.


Jeff Cohen Final

Chunk, the loveable inventor of the truffle shuffle, was played by Jeff Cohen. Since hitting adulthood, Cohen has shied away from the limelight and now runs a law firm which practices entertainment related law.

Goonies Fact: Cohen got chicken pox just after being cast as Chunk but pulled himself out of bed to turn up on set as he was frightened he would be replaced by someone else.


Ke Huy Quan final

Richard Wang or “Data” was played by Ke Huy Quan, who was already rather famous thanks to his role as Short Round in Spielberg’s classic, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Since then, Quan has also taken himself away from the limelight, and instead works behind it: he became a fight choreographer and has worked on such films as X-Men and The One.



Josh Brolin Final

The oldest of the group, Mikey’s big brother was Brandon, AKA Brand, who was played by Josh Brolin. Perhaps the most famous of the bunch, Brolin has gone on to appear in many blockbusters including Gangster Squad, W and the Oscar winning No Country for Old Men. He also plays the lead role in the upcoming adaption of the Japanese classic, Oldboy.

Goonies Fact: When the Goonies gang is in the restaurant’s basement there is a scene with Josh Brolin and Sean Astin arguing. Pay close attention and you’ll hear Mikey say “There is so,Josh!”


Kerri Green Final

Andrea or Andy, was the eye candy of the group, played by Kerri Green. Since The Goonies she quit acting and started a family some years later. Having said that, she has made a few causal TV appearances, including ER and Law and Order.

We’ll leave you with a vintage clip from Entertainment Tonight way back in June, 1985 featuring interviews with the cast on the brink of experiencing the success that The Goonies brought with it.

Goonies Fact: Out of all the main cast members of the film, she is the only one who doesn’t appear in the music video for Cyndi Lauper’s ‘The Goonies R Good Enough’.

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