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Hey I’ve got a great idea you guys! A Goonies Sequel

Back in 2007 you may recall that actor Josh Brolin threw a bit of light on his thoughts of a possible sequel to a certain adored ‘80s adventure which followed a bunch of Oregon kids who called themselves The Goonies. Whilst Brolin did express interest in the idea he also stated that a there had been so much talk of a sequel pretty much since the box office success of the original that it was highly unlikely anything would ever come of it. Then, in 2009 Empire Magazine got the cast and crew together for a 20 year reunion and pretty much all of them openly expressed their desire to jump on board should a sequel opportunity arise.

Jump forward another five years and it looks like the gang could well be reforming as Director Richard Donner has recently revealed to TMZ that a sequel is now in development with the hopes that as many members of the original cast as possible will reprise their roles. We do know that there was a script doing the rounds with the original stars’ kids heading off on an adventure and at one stage Warner Bros even considered giving the Goonies franchise the direct-to-DVD treatment, but nothing ever came of that, thankfully. There was even a Konami Goonies tie-in sequel video game where gamers controlled Mikey as he headed off to save his friends from the grasp of the Fratellis.

Whilst Donner made no comments in terms of the plot you can see the full video of him discussing comic book movies and the aforementioned sequel below.

This news comes pretty much straight off the back of a recent episode of “The Goldbergs” where the youngest character, Adam, heads off on a false goose chase in search of treasure with a group of friends which was all a sly plot devised by his older brother and sister because of his Goonies obsession. Whilst that episode of the series was a massive hit with audiences, one thing is a tribute and another is a bona fide sequel. Would you be keen to see a sequel this far down the line or is it best to leave the timeless classic be? Producer Frank Marshall is certainly of the latter opinion. When speaking of bringing Gremlins back to life in a remake he openly said the following about a Goonies and even an ET sequel:

“You know, we’ve had people call us about [Gremlins] but I think that’s another one that’s kind of now left to be its own. It’s like doing ‘Goonies 2 ‘ or ‘E.T. 2.’ I think it’s another time, it’s another era and they should just rest where they are.”

If we were to choose one side of the fence or the other then we’d urge Chuck to refrain from doing the Truffle Shuffle and to stay outside at all costs. But that’s just our opinion and you have to remember that Donner blurted the comment out when asked out of the blue about comic book movies whilst signing autographs so nothing is really set in stone so to speak. Whatever the case, are you excited by the news or will you be sticking to your trusty, well worn copy of the original film?


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