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Frozen Returns in All Its Sing Along Glory

First and foremost, if you haven’t yet seen Frozen, you don’t know what you are missing.

I’ve always had a penchant for animated films and having to young kids recently renewed my love for them. This was the amped up tenfold when my son hampered me to go see Frozen. Not surprisingly, the film went on to become a smash hit at the box office, earning in excess of $337 million in the US alone and more than $425 million worldwide.

Whilst the film is still going stronger than strong in cinemas around the globe, Disney continue to pull out the stops to entice people back for a second helping in cinemas.

How? Well the studio has decided that audiences need to enjoy a more immersive cinema visit “a la Gravity” by screening a Sing Along karaoke style Frozen at select cinemas as of the end of this month. Basically, it’s the same version but with the added value of on-screen lyrics and a skipping snowflake to keep audiences in time with the music.

I’m not sure I’m totally convinced I’d be up for getting an earhole of kids chanting along to “Let It Go” but I can certainly see this appealing to the younger generation of moviegoers.

In unison with today’s announcement Disney also uploaded a stunning video showcasing “Let It Go” in all of twenty-five different languages. We’ll leave you with that and see if you are all singing the song in Korean or Swedish by the end of the weekend.

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