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BEDTIME VIEWING: First Trailer for Black Fawn Films’ BED OF THE DEAD


Hot on the tail of the news of its Fantasia International Film Festival World Premiere, the first trailer has been unveiled for Black Fawn Films’ latest release, BED OF THE DEAD.

Stomping both feet firmly in the ’70s and ’80s, the film marks the first time long time Black Fawn cinematographer Jeff Maher takes a seat in the director’s chair. Penned by Maher in collaboration with Cody Calahan, BED OF THE DEAD stars Colin Price, Alysa King, Gwenlyn Cumyn, Dennis Andres and George Krissa.

So close your eyes, count to ten, and enjoy the trailer that I’m sure most of you will relate to first thing on a Monday morning when your trust alarm clock goes off…

From the Press Release:

From Breakthrough Entertainment and Black Fawn Films – the team behind the breakaway indie-hits Antisocial, The Drownsman, and BITE – comes BED OF THE DEAD, directed by Jeff Maher (Cinematographer of Antisocial, BITE, Let Her Out).

Two young couples out for a night of debauchery at the city’s oldest sex club find themselves stuck on a haunted antique bed where leaving means suffering a gruesome fate. Plagued with frightening hallucinations, they must figure out the bed’s secrets before they are picked off one by one. But when they call the police for help they are connected with a hard-nosed detective who at that very moment is investigating the death of four young people at the same sex club in the same antique bed!

Channeling horror films of the 1970’s and 80’s, BED OF THE DEAD will have its World Premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal July 16th at 11:55pm at J.A. De Seve Theatre, with an additional screening August 1st at 5:00pm, again at J.A. De Seve Theatre.

“I’m thrilled to be premiering my first feature film at such an amazing festival back in my home town,” says Director Maher.

Bed of the Dead is directed by Jeff Maher, written by Cody Calahan and Maher, and starring Colin Price (Late Night Double Feature), Alyssa King (TV’s Slasher, Berkshire County) Gwenlyn Cumyn (TV’s All For One), Dennis Andres (Lady Psycho Killer) and George Krissa. The film is produced by Chad Archibald (The Drownsman, Antisocial, Antisocial 2, Bite, Let Her Out), Cody Calahan (The Drownsman, Antisocial, Antisocial 2, Bite, Let Her Out), Christopher Giroux (The Drownsman, Antisocial,Antisocial 2, Bite, Let Her Out) with Director of Photography Micha Dahan, Supervising Producer Audrey Velichka, Associate Producer Simon Winterson and Executive Producers Nat Abraham, Ira Levy, Michael McGuigan and Peter Williamson.

Along with the world premiere announcement comes the haunting new trailer for BED OF THE DEAD.

Cast and Crew Bed of the Dead


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