Batfleck Bares All: New Suit and Batmobile Revealed

Yesterday, Zack Snyder released a teasing a snap of the Batmobile on Twitter and, expectedly, the entire world went into a frenzy. Well, it basically did. Snyder hinted at pulling the tarp on the Batmobile, because to be honest, we couldn’t see a whole lot. Little did we know, that we’d be getting a glimpse at Ben Affleck as Batman AKA Batfleck the next day.

So, here it is:


The snap was taken by Snyder himself on a M Monochrom camera which has created a sharp and mysterious image that is enough to generate some excitement. It’s enough to whet the appetite of those eager for the Man of Steel sequel and enough for those who can’t wait for Affleck to don the cape.

The first thing that struck me about the image was the similarity between Affleck and previous Batman Bale pose. Affleck depicts a reluctant hero and clenches his fist in a way we’ve all seen in Bale’s Batman. Nonetheless, the shot shows a much more muscular suit and the Batmobile is very different from the one featured in Nolan’s franchise.

Personally, I can’t wait to see more from the film and the saying goes: three’s the charm. I think it’s best if we keep an eye on Zack Snyder’s Twitter feed.

Batman vs Superman, or whatever they choose to call it, will hit cinemas in 2016.

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