A Million Yays To Ti in the West

Director Ti West has served us some some succulent horror platters with the features The House of the Devil and The Innkeepers and segments in both V/H/S and The ABCs of Death. Reports now have it that he is getting ready to dodge tumbleweed by following up his latest cult movie The Sacrament with a western film going under the name of In a Valley of Violence. Whilst we assumed that this would be a western horror along the lines of Patrick HughesRed Hill given the fact that the film is also backed by Jason Blum‘s Blumhouse Productions banner, West had the following suprising short and sweet statement to make on Twitter:

The casting is just as intriguing. The first choice, Ethan Hawke, is not so much of a surprise given that he has become something a horror/Blumhouse regular of late, appearing in both Sinister and The Purge. It is the addition of John Travolta that is more intriguing as this is certainly new turf for him. As it is still early days there are no solid plot details as of yet, with the exception that it will be a revenge film set in the 1890s. All we ask for really though is that one of the characters is given the name Adele Dazeem to see Travolta get his chops around that one whilst chewing on some tobacco.

There is also no scheduled shooting date just yet but when Jason Blum is in the house things tend to move at a pretty break neck pace. You’d think the cast and crew were scared of him or something.

In the meantime, why not Travoltify your name here.

This is what John just called me but I’m willing to “Let It Go.”


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