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Stream Dreams do Come True on the Loo: Netflix Erects Immersive, Selfie-Friendly Tudunny in Sydney

Netflix quite literally dropped a brick earlier today when it reported some cheeky research results which revealed that a whopping 21% of Australian viewers (that’s a whopping 2.8 million people) admit to having binge-watched Netflix on the bog. It turns out that Australians are a nation of of total Netflix nuffies – 29% admit to being full-on fans, while 73% have done something crazy related to their favourite shows with “Stranger Things”, “The Witcher” and “Wednesday” topping the Netflix charts Down Under.

The data also revealed that Australians spend 29.4 days a year connected to Netflix. No surprises there – 92% of them admitting to enjoying marathon sessions of 2 plus hours.

But the real corker was Netflix’s next move. In a stroke of pure Aussie genius, they combined the “Tudum” Netflix sound with the traditional Aussie word for toilet – the dunny. And thus the Tudunny was born!

Never one to miss an opportunity, Netflix set up an actual Tudunny in Sydney today. This one-day only dunny pop-up in The Rocks brings ultimate fandom to life through immersive, selfie-friendly sets (complete with fully functional toilets!) recreating some of Netflix’s buzziest shows, including “Emily in Paris,” “Heartbreak High” and “Squid Game,” giving fans the opportunity to literally step into their favourite shows and squeeze in a few episodes before before work, school, the gym…

So if you’re in Sydney today, be sure to stop by the Tudunny between 9am and 5pm and make your next stream dreams come true on the loo!


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