Starting shooting in May, they will, new Star Wars they say…

After all the setbacks, and there have been a fair amount with this one, the acclaimed director and writer JJ. Abrams has finally announced they will start shooting this May for Star Wars: Episode VII (contain yourselves!).

The continuation of George Lucas’ popular saga was originally set to start in January for a release in summer 2015. But, due to various reasons, we shall sadly have to wait just a few months longer for a festive release of this sci-fi action adventure in December 18th 2015.

Although JJ. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan already have the script ready to go; they shall have to wait until full production commences to get the ball rolling. Of course the main question prying in everyone’s minds at the moment is who exactly has been cast? Apart from the original cast having a spin on the set, it has been reported that most of the casting is complete with many surprises still to be announced. Keep your eyes peeled for news and updates about this one – I know we will at Cinema Chords!