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The Purge Anarchy: Film Characters Killed by Twitter


To celebrate the release of The Purge: Anarchy, at 5.30pm on July 24th we gave the people of Twitter 24 hours to nominate the 1 film character they’d kill if there was a real Purge.

The results were varied, very funny and quite surprising. No one was safe, not even children! Luckily, no one went in to any gory details as to how they’d kill their victim and many did not give any reasons for their choices; you evil bunch.

So, for your enjoyment, here is The Purge Anarchy: Film Characters Killed by Twitter, the top 10 tweets of our imaginary Purge.

10) Charlie Sandin from The Purge


A worthy nomination, if you ask me. Who allows a stranger in their house ever, let alone during The Purge? Charlie, for your reckless decision that puts your family’s life in danger, you have been Purged.

9) Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright


Not a fan of the Cornetto Trilogy, huh? OK, so they aren’t exactly film characters. But, for the beautifully conjured visual image of the way you decide to kill the pair Andy, go ahead and give into your urge to purge Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. Double whammy!

8) Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars


The undeniably annoying Jar Jar Binks is at number at 8. Would anyone miss this character? I didn’t think so. He’s so clumsy and accident-prone, I think it’s best if we just stop putting off the inevitable.

7) Rachel Ferrier from War of the Worlds


An innocent child? Oh OK, then! She is a bit too whiney and she does basically nothing when her Dad gets taken away by a Tripod in that cage. Rachel, your punishment is death.

6) Wynne Evans AKA Gio Compario


OK, so he’s not a film character. Not yet, anyway. With the crazy awful movies being made at the moment, it’s probably best if we kill Mr Go Compare before a Studio gets any ideas.

5) Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter


A hated and horrible character with absolutely no redeeming qualities. Dolores Umbridge, I take great pleasure in letting Twitter Purge you.

4) Batman from Batman and Robin


I’m sorry George Clooney, but she has a point. You should not have worn the nippled Batsuit, it’s just not right. Plus, the film is just awful.

3) Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest


That hair. Those awful staring eyes. The power-hungry nurse from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest is a brilliant choice and I think those at the mental institution would agree.

2) Ron Burgundy from Anchorman


Sorry Burgundy-lovers, but he’s just got to go. Two films really are enough and you have plenty of of witty one-liners to keep you happy after his death. Sorry Ron, but you are no longer a big deal.

1) Rolf Harris


Again, he may not be a film character, but he has put on one hell of a show fooling people in to believeing he was a decent human being. Rolf Harris, your time is up.

So, there we have it. The top 10 tweets of the Cinema Chords Purge. Share your thoughts in the comments below, who did we miss? Who shouldn’t have made the list?

I will leave you with the trailer for The Purge: Anarchy, which is out today July 25th 2014.


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