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Nightmarish Music Video Shoot Found Footage Shocker ‘THE OUTWATERS’ Heading to Theaters

In anticipation of the imminent release of Robbie Banfitch‘s (Tinsman Road, Exvallis) throwback to the early days of the found-footage genre, The Outwaters,  Cinedigm and Bloody Disgusting have today released the film’s first full trailer.

Hype surrounding the film has continued to gather momentum following its strong festival run, which was further fuelled with the film’s teaser trailer screening ahead of Terrifier 2 in October last year, a fillm which was also distributed through Cinedigm and Bloody Disgusting.

Written by, directed by and starring Banfitch, who co-stars alongside Michelle May, Scott Schamell and Leslie Ann Banfitch, The Outwaters takes viewers off the beaten path and into their own nightmares. The film plays out over three memory cards found in a sun-drenched section of the Mojave Desert. The footage within is that of a foursome, who set out to make a music video while camping, led by a charismatic LA filmmaker. Their trip starts out uneventful, though their peace is occasionally disrupted by unexplained sounds, vibrations, and unnatural animal behavior. Then one night everything changes, sending the foursome on a mind-bending trip through terror.

The film features original music by Salem Belladonna and was produced by Beau J. Genot and Banfitch with Robert Abramoff serving as the executive producer.

The Outwaters will receive a theatrical release beginning February 9 followed by an exclusive release on the Company’s horror streaming service as a SCREAMBOX Original.


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