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Metrodome Acquires 2 Top Festival Favourites for 2014

Calling all horror fans! Metrodome, one of the UK’s biggest distributors, has recently broken a deal and acquired two particularly fantastic horror titles which will be released for home entertainment in 2014.

First up is Almost Human. directed and written by Joe BegosAlmost Human is a horror/science fiction mashup starring Josh EthierGraham Skipper and Vanessa Leigh. It tells the story of Mark Fisher, a man who is taken in a flash of blue light leaving behind his best friend Seth and his girlfriend Jen. Fast forward two years later and Mark is mysteriously returned a changed man leaving a string of murders in his wake. Focused on finding out what happened to Mark, Seth and Jen team up to solve the mystery and find a way to stop the evil inside him before he can kill again.

Echoing such films as The Thing and Invasion of the Body SnatchersAlmost Human is a love letter to ’80s horror and is rich with low-budget effects that are fun to watch and add to the overall enjoyment of the film.

Also picked up by Metrodome is The Battery which is an impressive zombie film directed and written by Jeremy Gardner and tells the story of two former baseball players who team up after a zombie apocalypse in order to survive. Sticking to the back roads of a desolate New England the pair must over come the differences in each other’s personality in order to survive. But when one of them intercepts a radio transmission from a protected community calling themselves The Orchard, one of them will not stop at anything to find them.

What is special about The Battery is that the film focuses on the two leads played by Adam Cronheim and Gardner himself and deals with the zombie apocalypse as a catalyst rather than a point of focus. The film offers solid performances but its soundtrack offers a unique juxtaposition to the film making it that much more of an enjoyable experience.

The release dates for both films have yet to be confirmed so in the meantime we recommend checking out the trailers for both movies.

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