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Melissa McCarthy: A Retrospective

Melissa McCarthy

Today sees the release of big time comedy Tammy. Starring Melissa McCarthy and Susan Surrandon, the high antic comedy is based around the larger than life titular character who bored with her life and the hold of her mother, breaks free on an insane road trip. Reviews have so far been lacklustre but the main draw here is McCarthy. Having already impressed her with her roles in recent comedy shows, Tammy looks like another laugh-riot and solidifies her stance in Hollywood as another comedy starlet who is both award winning and wonderful all at the same time. But where did McCarthy come from? How has she risen to prominence on all of our screens?

McCarthy started her career on television with roles in Jenny and Go. However, most people will have begun on a journey with McCarthy thanks to her side character on popular television show The Gilmore Girls. Ranging from 2000 to 2007, this series focused on the relationship between mother and daughter Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. This mother and daughter pairing was filled with fast paced conversations as they tackled popular culture and life altering events. McCarthy’s Sookie, best friend to Lorelai and head chef at her hotel, was a captivating character. Full of life, happiness and many other excellent qualities, it is in this show where McCarthy solidified her acting career.

Though McCarthy’s presence on would perforate shows such as the incredible Samantha Something alongside Christina Applegate, recently the world has loved her in Mike & Molly. Playing opposite Billy Gardell, the show focuses on an overweight couple who fall in love at a Chicago Overeaters Group. The brilliant comedy and chemistry between Gardell and McCarthy draws you in to this stirring piece of television. What it did was give focus on overweight couples and allowed people to see that they can have a relationship full of problems, issues, love and hilarity, a big message to the people at Hollywood that any weight is human.

Melissa McCarthyWhilst McCarthy has filled the background of a whole heap of movies, it was her Oscar Nominated role in 2012’s Bridesmaids that made her shine. Playing Megan, McCarthy was the far out insane and ferocious character who dragged us into her unique pot of antics. Open and honest, Megan complimented the other characters well, allowing us to see both a boyish yet quality person help guide Kristen Wiig’s Annie to help herself when the world bites back. Megan was a stellar character to love and adore who was an insane mixture of wacky and poignant moments. She deserved her nomination though Octavia Spencer deserved to scoop the award.

Her stance in Hollywood has been called into question. After a continuous list of roles that seemed to rehash her slapstick roles and give her moments where she rocked out disgusting comedy or angered monologue moments, it feels as though she is being sandwiched into a type-cast. Certainly as Tammy hits cinemas and the future roles are all comedy movies, it does seem that because of her weight, Hollywood aren’t giving her wiggle room. McCarthy is an outstanding performer who can bring a tenderness to unlikeable characters and enhance excellent ones. She would be indescribably good in dramas or any other genre, she’ll tackle it greatly.

Tammy is in cinemas now!


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