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Guardians of the Galaxy Unleashes New Sneak Peak!

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy has a new behind the scenes video for us to enjoy! 

Marvel have now released some exciting footage of the upcoming blockbuster, mixed in amongst clips of the cast chipping in with their thoughts. Everybody seems to be singing the praises for it; Bradley Cooper says how he thinks that people will be ‘blown away by how unique it is’ and Vin Diesel claims that their work feels like it is at the ‘frontier of something new’. Pretty intriguing stuff.

As for us, we are most interested in the space battles and flying ships right now. We are getting tiny snippets of these moments and are really interested to see more. Exactly how big a part of Guardians of the Galaxy these will make up is unclear, but they are adding a distinct edge to the Star Wars feel which has surrounded certain aspects of this film.

Despite what we said about a rather vague Star Wars feel, this movie does appear to be fairly unique. It’s a risk for Marvel to use such unknown source material, but they are clearly doing some things right. Cooper and Diesel will help bring in large fan bases who might otherwise not have bothered, and Karen Gillan is going to attract a fairly large portion of the Doctor Who crowd. The tiny snippets of action that we have seen look promising, the personality of the film seems to be pretty individual and the ensemble of characters from a bounty hunter to a tree like character named ‘Groot’ look set to be memorable and different.

Guardians of the Galaxy will blast onto the big screen on August 1st.

For now we will leave you with the new footage:


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