Flemyng Causes a Stir in the Force

Not much has been confirmed about Star Wars: Episode VII but there has been open auditions and so many names, both old and new to the franchise, have been bashed around for a while.

However, Actor Jason Flemyng (who played Azazel in X-Men: First Class has posted something pretty interesting on Instagram… a page from the Star Wars script which he titled “Pint of Stella and Star Wars script!”. It goes without saying that this is a very bold move to make considering how this could potentially harm his chances of winning a role in the final film.

Check out the picture for yourself…


I bet fans are trying their best to decipher the lines of dialogue to whet their appetites but I have no doubt that if this is indeed an actual script page then it will not spoil anything as we’re sure Disney would not let that happen.

Star Wars: Episode VII has been given a release date of 18th December 2015. But in the meantime you can be guaranteed that we here at Cinema Chords will keep you updated.

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