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The Best Post-Apocalyptic Films – Own Mad Max: Fury Road on Digital HD September 21st

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Following the huge theatrical success of Mad Max: Fury Road, and to celebrate the film’s release on Digital HD September 21, we take a look at some of the best post-apocalyptic films.

I-Am-LegendI Am Legend

With the spread of a man-made, incurable virus that wiped out the population, Robert Neville (Will Smith) is the last human survivor left in New York. Desperate to find any other human survivors, Neville sets out to use his immune blood to reverse the effects of the virus, but while he may be the only human; he’s not alone.



the roadThe Road

With nothing but a pistol to defend themselves, a father and son walk alone through an un-recognisable America. It’s cold, dark and the snowfall is grey, making their desired destination the warmer south. Civilisation has collapsed , scavenging and cannibalism surrounds them and the struggle for survival involves pure desperation.



28_Days_Later28 Days Later

When animal activists release chimpanzees that are undergoing experimentation, infected with a virus that causes rage, London becomes deserted 28 days later. Torn apart and inhabited with zombie like humans, the savage nature of mankind creates the challenge of survival for protagonist Jim.




Its 2017, the entire world is frozen over and only those travelling the globe aboard the Snowpiercer train are safe. Both a class system and economy emerge, but leader of the lower-class citizen group Curtis is determined to get to the front of the train and spread the class evenly. Facing a revolution, a new battle is to emerge in each section of the train.



childrenChildren of Men

London is facing extinction of humankind in 2017, in a world where women have become infertile. When a woman unexpectedly discovers she is pregnant it becomes her mission to protect her unborn child, and make it through the desperate violence that stands in the way of her reaching safety.



Brad-Pitt-en-12-monos12 Monkeys

By 2035, only 1% of the population has survived an unknown, lethal virus. In a bid to solve the mystery, a volunteer is sent back to 1996 to locate the virus before it mutates, but the plan doesn’t go as expected. Sent back six years earlier, investigating an event yet to happen, the convict is arrested and locked up in a mental institution.


Mad Max: Fury Road

In a desert land where humanity is broken, the fight for necessities is on. When two rebels on the run collide there is potential for the order to be restored. A group of female prisoners and their worshipper Furiosa enlist the help of drifter Max, and together they pursue the rebels in the Road War that follows.

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Own Mad Max first on digital HD from September 21st:


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