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Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Sentimental on Reddit

One thing Arnold Schwarzenegger has never been renowned for are his acting chops but it has to be said that A LOT of his one-liners shaped many of our childhoods. Each and every one of us, no matter how old or young, have our faves and we posted a few of our faves a few weeks ago right here.

Now striding back onto the big screen, currently featuring alongside Sylvester Stallone in Escape Plan, Schwarzenegger has taken his over the top line-reading treatment onto Reddit (where he regularly contributes) giving members the chance to request scenes from movies they’d like him to give the 2013 treatment to.

Here’s exactly what Schwarzenegger had to say about it all on Reddit:

Whenever I go to an event, someone asks me to yell out one of my lines. Even when I walk into Starbucks, people scream at me to “Get to the choppa.” So to celebrate Escape Plan hitting theaters today, since I’ve already done an AMA and a Fitness AMA and I pop in on /r/fitness when I can, I thought it would be fun to offer myself to yell out all of your favorite lines. I’m on set, so I will check in and upload the videos as responses throughout the day. I can’t wait to scream one of my wilder lines and scare the crew.

We’ll leave you with the videos posted so far and you might want to follow the shenanigans over on on Reddit or his YouTube Channel. What would you like to see The Governator say next. Personally we’d love him to do his take on a Walter White scene or the infamous Jules Winnfield Pulp Fiction scene.

It looks like there may be some more goodies today as he just posted this:

“I have to stop for a while but I think I should come back Monday when I’m back on set because I missed some great ones. Thanks! Here is my sign-off:”

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