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Top 10 Arnie Quotes and “I’ll be back” Isn’t One of Them.

The Governator is back!
After a political career that was, to say the least, unsuccessful, Arnie is here and we are graced with his presence on our screens once again! So, in honour of the body-building, brick-laying, groping-politician-come-actor, here are my top ten Arnie quotes. And let’s face it, whittling ALL his one-liners down to be able to count them on two hands is tough stuff. No pain no gain though, right?

The Sixth Day (2000)


“You should clone yourself…so you can go fuck yourself!”

Murderous villain-clone Ducker is verbally bitch-slapped by Arnie with this classic quote!

Total Recall (1990)


“Consider that a divorce.”

Arnie didn’t fancy all that paperwork, lawyers and courts. Next option? Bullet to the face.

Batman & Robin (1997)


“What killed the Dinosaurs? The Ice Age!”

What is considered the worst Batman movie has some of the best Arnie quotes. What killed Chris O’Donnell’s acting career? This movie.

Conan (1982)


Jehnna: I suppose nothing hurts you.

Conan: Only pain.

For a warrior with ‘The Destroyer’ in his name, Conan still likes to connect on a personal level.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003)


“You are terminated.”

After shoving a bomb into the mouth of the Terminator’s greatest enemy yet, what other way to christen the moment than with a line that will go down in history!

Total Recall (1990)


Hauser: You are not you, you are me.

Quaid: No shit!

Is he Hauser? Is he Quaid? Who knows! Bet when a video of yourself tells you to stick a metal spike up your nose, you do it.

The Sixth Day (2000)


“There is somebody in my house, eating my birthday cake, and it is not me!”

Never touch Arnold’s birthday cake! Even if you are his clone!

True Lies (1994)


“You’re fired!”

A classic quip as Arnie fires off a screaming Art Malik from a rocket on a fighter jet through a skyscraper into a helicopter. A timeless ending.

Jingle All the Way (1996)


“It’s Turbo time!”

As far as childhood films go, Jingle All the way is in my top 5 just to see Arnie fly off uncontrollably on a jet pack.

Red Heat (1988)


Ridzik: You’re shitting me!

Danko: I’m not shitting on you.

Language barriers have always been a problem, and when a Russian cop played by a Austrian goes to Chicago, chaos can only ensue!

Did we miss any of your favourite Arnie one-liners? Let us know your faves in the comments below…

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  • I dunno, you must have forgot about”You should never drink and bake.” It’s from a shitty movie, but still. Also “Hey Benny, screw you!”

    • Sir Phobos, you are right! There are so many to pick from! Most Arnie movies are pretty shitty, but I think that’s what makes them great!