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A Short Mission: Curfew

Curfew is the Oscar Winning short film from the 85th Academy Awards. Written, directed and starring Shawn Christensen, it was a dead cert for that small golden statue. Why? Because it is one of the most poignant and heart wrenching short films of the year.

Curfew tells the story of drop-out and dead-beat Richie attempting suicide in his bathtub. However, a phone call interrupts his night and his sister – the pair estranged from a troubled background – is in a jam; she needs someone to look after her daughter. Ritchie is her last resort and dutifully he obligates. When his niece Sophia turns up, the two take to late night New York, finding that there could be something salvageable between the pair.

Christensen’s work is a very intricate play on a simple story. At heart, it is a child and adult bonding over circumstances beyond their control. When really this is a beautiful tale on finding something to hold onto, especially something you thought was lost. Richie has reached the edge and his scars are still raw. But Sophia touches upon a past and a happiness, bringing this wonderful innocence back into Richie’s life. Christensen tells the story so well, drenching most of it in bleak darkness but includes this dancing dream sequence to represent the light coming through. Most of all, it is honest.

Curfew is definitely award winning and almost poetic. It is a must see.

We’ll leave you with the trailer and you can purchase the whole thing over on iTunes here.

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