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A Collection of Priceless Pranks as Bad Grandpa is Unleashed

One of the most cantankerous, obnoxious, rudest characters ever to grace the Jackass movie franchise has to be Johnny Knoxville‘s homegrown creation, Irving Zisman. The foul-mouthed, often partially ‘au naturel, irate OAP’s mayhem had Jackass followers petitioning for a spin-off film for years. Today their endeavours have paid off as Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa hits UK screens.

Fans of the likes of the Borat/Bruno cinema verité style are in for a ride as Zisman prepares to hit the road, travelling across America with his 8-year-old grandson Billy in tow.

Bad Grandpa is written by the man behind the makeup together with Jackass director Jeff Tremaine and Academy Award nominee Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich). To celebrate today’s release of the film we scoured the internet in search of a few practical jokes with a similar shock/entertainment value. Before you scroll down, be warned that most of these are certainly NSFW.

First up we have a prank pulled from the Balls of Steel archive. Balls of Steel was an excellent Channel 4 comedy series hosted by comedian Mark Dolan which featured regular special guests performing stunts and holding their nerve through some pretty hard-to-endure hidden camera set-ups. One such guest was Alex Zane and one of the best pranks he pulled off involved a certain Spelling Game Show. Mind your Ps and Qs, or should we say Ms and Ns?

Another great little hidden camera show was BBC Three‘s The Pranker which featured a cast of bizarre characters all played by the one and only Ross Lee. If you’re a fan of a rather famous film starring Anthony Hopkins and some actress playing a rookie cop then this one is just for you.

Our next clip is for those of you who hate the fact that so many of us judge a book by its cover. So what if someone’s covered in tattoos or got their face covered in piercings? But what if you feel the urge to follow the new fad of wearing tights on your head?

If you don’t know who Brian Badonde is then you’ve been biving in a bave but, to make sure everyone’s on the same page here’s a brief explanation. Brian is a character created by Facejacker‘s own Kavyan Novak parodying the art critic Brian Sewell. He suffers from a slight speech impediment called “Bourettes”, forcing him to begin the odd word with the letter B. Each week he explores and demonstrates the wonders of the art world and one of our personal favourites is this attempt to participate in a street MC battle.

Next up is actually an advert for an 84 inch LG HD television but is also an out-of-this-world prank. This job interview scenario mixed with a dash of Deep Impact scares the willies out of each and every applicant!

Back to another prank from Ross Lee now and we find him house hunting. The poor sole who drew the short straw to show him around has absolutely no idea what’s about to go down.

Another favourite from Balls of Steel was a character who went by the name of Big Gay Following. We won’t divulge too much as we don’t want to spoil your enjoyment of the video but let’s just say the delivery men, plumbers and repair men making house calls here will have an anecdote or two to share when they get home.

And finally, we’ll leave you with Irving Zisman lending a helping hand to his grandson in Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa in cinemas today, October 23rd.

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