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3:33 is the Tragic Number in First Trailer for Prime Video’s “The Devil’s Hour”

It’s not uncommon to suddenly wake up in the middle of the night feeling a strange notion that something is amiss. And while the vast majority of people drift back of to sleep in a matter of seconds, were we to wake up at precisely 3:33 a.m. getting back to sleep would be the least of our concerns. Known as the “Devil’s Hour”, this specific time is believed to be the precise moment when the veil between life and death is thinnest, allowing spirits and ghosts to travel between two worlds.

Case in point: Prime Video has today dropped the first full trailer for the upcoming six-part thriller, “The Devil’s Hour” which centres around Lucy (Jessica Raine – “Patrick Melrose”), who is woken every night by terrifying visions at exactly 3.33 am.

Her eight-year-old son, Isaac (Benjamin Chivers – “Lockwood And Co”) is withdrawn and emotionless. Her mother speaks to empty chairs. Her house is haunted by the echoes of a life that isn’t her own. When Lucy’s name is inexplicably connected to a string of brutal murders in the area, the answers that have evaded her all these years will finally come into focus. Peter Capaldi (“Doctor Who”) plays a reclusive nomad, driven by a murderous obsession. He becomes the prime target of a police manhunt led by compassionate detective Ravi Dhillon (Nikesh Patel – “Starstruck). The cast is also rounded out by “Ted Lasso” regular Phil Dunster.

“The Devil’s Hour” is produced by Hartswood Films (“Dracula,” “Sherlock”) and will launch exclusively on Prime Video on October 28th. In the meanwhile, don’t forget to look at your watch next time you get a rude awakening in the middle of the night, and we’ll leave you to face your fears with the aforementioned trailer.


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