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Pantelion Picks Up Jaume Balaguero Produced Summer Camp

Summer Camp is the latest horror project to get the remake treatment ‘of sorts’ and we’re pretty excited given the fact that the whole thing will be exec. produced by none other than REC‘s Jaume Balagueró.

The film marks the directorial debut of Alberto Marini (who wrote Balaguero’s excellent Sleep Tight) and is all set to head into production in Barcelona in February, 2014. Whilst casting is yet to be fully confirmed, Diego Boneta (Rock of Ages) has been tapped for the lead male role.

Whilst filming will take place in Barcelona the film will in fact be in English with Filmax, The Safran Company and Rebelión Terrestre co-producing. Filmax will take control of international sales whilst Pantelion Films will launch the film in both North and South America.

Balagueró, in his first role as executive producer for a film, said:

“I have worked with Alberto Marini for years. He’s extremely talented and I urged him to put himself in the driver’s seat, to take this big step. Summer Camp is also my first producer project. This is an all new challenge for me and I hope to be able to put as much as I can into the project based on my own experience as a director. My motivations for this project are just the same as they always have been: to provide audiences with quality enterainment.”

Julio Fernández, producer and Filmax CEO had the following to say:

“Filmax continues to support the most international of genres, and the producer’s talent. Alberto Marini, who has been scriptwriter and executive producer for various Filmax productions, is making the jump to director whilst Jaume Balagueró is making the jump to executive producer. For this very reason Filmax had to be involved. We are extremely proud to be able to give them this great opportunity, to create a team with them and to support them in this exciting adventure. To be able to also count on the collaboration of international partners such as Lionsgate, The Safran Company and Pantelion is something that strengthens the project that much more, making it a passionate adventure for everyone involved.”

Summer Camp focuses on three American camp counsellors who take on summer jobs at an English-language camp in Spain. It’s not long before they find themselves face-to-face with a virus unlike anything anyone has come across before. The film is marketed as immersing audiences in a journey packed with adrenaline, intended to provide an all new take on the classic concept of adolescents lost in the woods.

Are you excited? We certainly are and we’ll keep you informed as soon as further casting information is released.


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