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Short Film

A Short Mission: Writer’s Block

There comes a point for every writer when they must realise something; that there is always someone better than you. You could be bleeding Shakespeare and come across Wordsworth and automatically feel piss poor. You will always admire someone so much that you could read their work and feel utterly useless, locked up in a writer’s block forever. I say this because I have just finished watching Tom Gran and Martin Woolley’s (a.k.a the Spin Kick Bros,) short film Writer’s Block and it is so intelligent and witty that it makes me want to pack up and go home.

Breaking as many fourth walls as possible and so ridiculously clever, Writer’s Block is an animated piece of a different calibre. It centres on a prison where writers are locked away for poor grammar and spelling. When the inmates get their hold of a script of their own lives, they cajole another inmate to re-write it, penning their escape.

This cartoon caper is incredibly well done. The guys behind it have utlised brilliant shapes and patterns to make the short film pop. Combining many different techniques and animation types, they still manage to add their own flare making it breathe this freshness. The aesthetic is, by all accounts, stunning. It bursts with these insanely fun characters that race through the vibrant scenes and bounce nearly off the screen. The intellectual drawings fuse with the electric story and make the most of the five minutes. Heading straight into an exciting story, the plot is chopped and played around with the narrative so well. It bends the storyline but never breaks it, making it so cunning and compelling.

Gran and Woolley’s work is imaginative and pulled off in such a way that you hate and love them all at once. Hopefully, more work will come out of the team that thrives on this bustling wit, comedic timing and fantastic animation. Hopefully, they haven’t suffered from Writer’s Block.


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