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A Short Mission: Selfie From Hell

There is a trend in media nowadays to hit back at this “selfie obsessed” culture and I, for one, hate it. Negating the fact that eons ago, our ancestors sat for hours to get the perfect painting of themselves or our grandparents made us sit through slideshows to showcase their holiday, it’s a little unfair to tarnish a whole generation for feeling better when they look sexy in a self-taken photo. Although, yes, I admit there can be an abundance of it (my friend has 300 photos of my phone when she absconded with it one day) and people do it in stupid locations (there have been reported deaths,) generally speaking, selfies are a harmless trend that helps people capture their beauty.

But short film Selfie From Hell will certainly make you think twice about snapping whilst you are alone. The short horror flick, that is less than two minutes long, will shake you a bit to the core. A young woman is taking photos of herself to send to her boyfriend. However, when she checks back on the photos, she sees a grim figure in the background. Unable to see them in real life, she must take a few more fateful pics to figure out the mystery.

Released by German YouTube channel, Fuck you Zombie,, this is a wonderfully jumpy film that takes a, now common, modern act in order to scare the audience. The film is wonderfully effective. Utilising a low budget to give the sense of a brooding night. Selfie is actually chilling and the mysterious actress really portrays her character with the vulnerability. Whilst it may be short, it is certainly effective. Just remember, if someone unknown appears in your selfie snaps, just fucking run – it’s not worth the Facebook likes.


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