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A Short Mission: Pythagasaurus

Peter Peake, director of Aardman, has perhaps created some of the best family movies with the skill of stop-animation. Famed more for Wallace & Gromit and the upcoming Shaun The Sheep, Peake and his studios have developed some hilarious movies and television shows that makes you titter so. No more so, however, than this 2011 short Pythagasaurus that truly utilizes British humour and the talented film-makers of Aardman.

Taking the action to a land before time, Pythagasaurus tells the story of two caveman who wake one day to find a ruddy big volcano has just sprouted next to their village (a hut). Unnerved by the presence of the lava filled phenomenon, the pair try to find the titular legendary beast who can calculate any sum in order to provide answers to their problems.

With the vocal talents of legendary comedian Bill Baily, fantastic actor Martin Trenaman and Alan Partridges Simon Greenall, Pythagasaurus is amazing uproarious. Utilizing stunning animation that depicts a mathematical landscape and curious creatures that blunder through this short with a mischievous flare.  Laugh out loud, the movie is a small incredible journey that the ideas are strange yet the humour is there. Encapturing the Aardman style but presenting a unique tale Pythagasaurus is a film that you need to watch in order to cheer up your days. Because literally any mood can be lifted by a protractor dinosaur.


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