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A Short Mission: Tufty

Cuddly bears. We all have them. Even at 25, I have one on my shelves (yes, shelves, not curled up under the crux of my chin like I am still a child.) It’s been a staple of childhood. Those fluffy cuddly companions that with one squishy cuddle melt away the tears, comfort us in our sleep and consist of all things nice. That is until in cinema, they transformed all we know about wuvley, luvely cuddly wuddly teddy bears into foul mouthed and sometimes evil creations. Now Ted and Lotso and many more of our once friends have turned against. In this short film, Tufty, we finally get to see why.

The truth about your teddies is revealed. As a child clamours to get one, we see the flash back of how they were made. In a forest somewhere, alive and running free, the species of the Teddy are ruthlessly hunted down and gutted then stuffed for our bemusement. It is a horridly graphic, deeply disturbing short film.

Directed by Jason Butler and Brendan Butler, this movies is a highly gross and thoughtful production. When dealing with the teddies, you could have gone in one direction. Instead, it feels more of a PSA which will make you never look at your cuddlies in the same way. There is a slow burn of pace in the opening moments but when the hunt comes on, it turns into a horrific romp. Sure enough, there is a little bit of a laugh at the mock “truth” video but there are themes here about care with what you purchase and more that you can devour with every bear heart discarded into the bin. It’s witty and almost intellectual satire that will makes Build A Bear even more disconcerting.

If you go down to the woods today, you’ll see bloodshed.

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