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A Short BAFTA Mission: Everything I Can See From Here

Animated Shorts for the BAFTA’s have always been the highest quality, with last year’s winner Long Bird being the proof of that. Giving directors and filmmakers more room to explore different animated mediums, shorts are perhaps imperative for people to try out new and fresh ideas. With this in mind, let’s have a look at one of this year’s animated short movies, Everything I Can See From Here is a unique style that has a definitive voice and story.

Written and directed by Sam Taylor and Bjorn Aschim (for The Line,) it centres on a couple of friends in a desolation and industrial lead land. Reaching the top of a hill, they peer onto a country that has become ridden with waste. Kicking a ball around seems to be the only fun they have, so you can imagine the irritation that arises when one of them launches it into the sky. Only, when it comes down, it brings someone with it; an alien from a different planet who comes bearing all but peace…

Everything I Can See From Here is a vibrant and brilliant blend of imagination, animation and drawings. Steeped with an excellent talent, the pair who created it indeed bring wonderful new characters and this could take off into a series about our grinning extra-terrestrial. A labour of love, literally, the film combines the other-worldly ultra-violet streaks of glow with the bland and banal mud and decay. Using colours and soft and sharp characters, Everything I Can See From Here is an exceptional animated short in contention for the prize this Sunday.

[vimeo id=”63823593″]


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