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Thanks For Sharing Your Sex Tape Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz XOXO

Many a couple’s secret fetish is to catch their bedroom shenanigans on film to spice things up a notch or three. Well in new comedy, Sex Tape, Annie (Cameron Diaz) and Jay (Jason Segel) decide to do exactly that – except iTunes shows them who’s boss (or exactly how smart that mystical thing called ‘The Cloud’ really is!).

Like every new couple, Jay and Annie couldn’t keep their hands off each other, but ten years down the line Annie feels as if their romantic connection has given up the ghost. Here’s where the home video comes into play in which they decide to try every position in ‘The Joy of Sex’ in a three-hour long session – ouch. And, just as they had hoped, it brought back that spark they thought they had lost, until it dawns on them what actually happened. Their private video, which they were going to delete, accidentally gets automatically uploaded. Everyone’s worst nightmare, right? It becomes a race against time to ensure their intimacy isn’t leaked to the world!

Who better to star in such a comedy as the king of comedy himself, How I meet your Mother’s Jason Segel and no stranger to comedy and all things silly, Cameron Diaz. There’s nothing these actors can’t handle here, literally, and from the trailer this looks set to strike all the right comedic postures.The film also stars Rob Lowe, Jack Black and Ellie Kemper. From director Jake Kadan who brought us the likes of Bad Teacher and hit TV series New Girl, Sex Tape this looks set to be the next big comedy feature. Considering this is Segel’s latest film since leaving the set of How I meet your Mother, let’s see if he has still got it shall we? 

Sex Tape will be uploading itself in cinemas across the UK from September 5th, 2014. Just remember to delete it when you’re finished kids or you won’t be getting your Dad off the PC anytime soon afterwards!


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