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An Oscar Winning Short Mission: Mr Hublot

There have been some seriously strong contenders for short animation at this years Oscars. On a personal note, I wanted Feral to win because of its unique haze of imagination pulling it up above the usual fare. And then there was the dead cert with Disney’s Get A Horse! delighting audiences. Disney and Pixar have always been guaranteed, what with Paperman winning it last year.

This year, however, it was French animation Mr. Hublot that won the coveted prize and it certainly isn’t one that will be forgotten soon. Mr Hublot revolves around the titular character. Living in a futuristic world, he is riddled with OCD and likes to live his live to a routine. However, after saving a Robot Pet, his life is switched upside down and he has to adjust to the mess of his life.

Mr. Hublot is a breath-taking computer based animation that thrives on the imagination of its creators Laurent Witz and Alexandre Espigares. It is a striving, delightful silent film that really hones in on the creativity of the filmmakers. At only eleven minutes long, it has a lot of soul built on some epic technology. Mr. Hublot is one of those child like movies that is still endearing to the adult population. The makers here rightly so deserved the award at last night’s ceremony. Not only is it of high technical advancement, but it has the spirit of innocence that will warm your cockles this winter’s month.

A pleasant and brilliant Oscar Winning animated short.


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