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‘IMAGINARY’ Cast & Crew Interviews: Looking Behind the Innocent Facade of Alice’s Not-So-Imaginary Friend

For decades, imaginary friends have occupied a whimsical place in our cultural consciousness, conjuring up nostalgic memories of childhood innocence. Tea parties, imaginary adventures, and playtime with stuffed companions were the harmless hallmarks of youth. But a darker cinematic trend emerged, recasting these imaginary allies as harbingers of bone-chilling horror.

The latest foray into this unsettling territory comes from Blumhouse Productions and Lionsgate Films with the release of their latest shocker, Imaginary. Helmed by director Jeff Wadlow (Cry Wolf, Truth or Dare), the film examines the sinister side of imaginary friends lurking beneath their plush exteriors.

The story centers on a young girl named Alice who develops an attachment to a stuffed bear called Chauncey. Their tea parties and pranks initially seem like child’s play, but Alice’s behavior takes a disturbing turn, forcing her stepmother Jessica to investigate Chauncey’s true nature.

With Imaginary hitting theaters this Friday, March 8, Howard Gorman sat down with Director Wadlow and stars Pyper Braun (Desperation Road, “Country Comfort”), Taegen Burns (“Monarch,” “The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers”), and Tom Payne (“The Walking Dead,” “Prodigal Son”). They revealed the secrets of bringing Chauncey’s unsettling world to life, the challenges of manifesting his sinister side, and what it was like to look behind the innocent facade of Alice’s not-so-imaginary friend.

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