Frightfest Glasgow Preview: Mindscape

Between Thursday 27th February and Sunday 2nd March, Film4 FrightFest takes over the Glasgow Film Festival for its ninth year, offering a world of “gritty serial killers, stark staring horror, comic book thrills and spills, favourite maniacs, sci-fi delirium, doc shock and mind-bending mystery.” As we move closer to the festival we have selected a few titles from this year’s line-up that we can’t wait to watch. This week’s choice is Mindscape.

Mindscape is directed by Jorge Dorado and stars Taissa Farmiga, Mark Strong and Brian Cox. A Spanish-American pyschological thriller, Mindscape had its world premiere as part of the 46th Sitges Film Festival and received critical aclaim for its efforts.

Mark Strong plays John, a mind detective who is paid to enter people’s memories and uncover the reality behind crimes. It’s down to people like him to explore the shadows of the psyche sifting out selective fact from false recognition fiction. But when he is given a new assignment to enter the memories of the brilliant, troubled and allegedly sexually abused teenager called Anna (Taissa Farmiga), John must decide if she is indeed the victim of unspeakable trauma or a very clever and manipulative sociopath. From the producer of Orphan, Unknown and Non-Stop, Mindscape promises to be a unique heart-racing thriller.

Mindscape will be given its UK Premiere on Saturday 1st March at 18:30 in the GFT.