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Dissecting the Scalpel-Sharp Humor and Horror of “AMELIA’S CHILDREN”: A Conversation with Brigette Lundy-Paine

Gabriel Abrantes‘ (Diamantino) latest feature, Amelia’s Children, draws inspiration from Greek tragedy and gothic horror to spin a twisted tale that will have you screaming one minute and laughing guiltily the next.

A twisted tale of family secrets awaits in Abrantes’ latest avant-garde thriller. When Edward (Carloto Cotta – Diamantino) embarks on a journey to reconnect with his long-lost biological family, he expects an emotional homecoming full of joy and celebration. Little does he know of the ominous surprises in store when he arrives at their palatial villa nestled in the Portuguese mountains. Accompanied by his girlfriend Ryley (Brigette Lundy-Paine – “Atypical,” Bill & Ted Face the Music), Edward’s excitement soon gives way to unease as he begins to unearth the dark mysteries of his lineage.

At the heart of Abrantes’ story lies a primal taboo: incest. But the director spins this shocking theme into a modern myth about generational narcissism.This taboo theme strikes at the heart of the family unit, exploring how a mother’s all-consuming vanity could drive her to commit unthinkable acts.

Leading up to the film’s theatrical and VOD release this Friday, we sat down with cast member Lundy-Paine to discuss what drew them to this sinister story rattled by secrets. They explained how the actors walked a tonal tightrope, balancing oddball comedy with disturbing horror around societal taboos. Lundy-Paine also teased a few details about their next project – Jane Schoenbrun’s highly anticipated sophomore feature, the psychodrama shocker I Saw the TV Glow releasing under the A24 banner very soon.

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