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A Short Mission: Wind

The weather is horrible. I, myself, have just stepped in from a walk to the shops and nearly lost my glasses and moustache.

All across the nation, we are being plighted by wind, rain and flooding. In these harsh times, here is a humourous look at things that may just cheer you up. The animated film Wind comes from German animator Robert Lobel.

It tells a story of a little town which has been plagued by a breeze so strong it’s as if the X-Men Storm is on a constant revenge streak against them. However, if you have been swept up in a wind for a ridiculously long time, you eventually get used to the bluster. So the citizens of this town have re-adjusted their life style to accommodate for the truly adverse weather – from beer staff who serve drinks sideways to the barber who cuts with his customers stood up. What happens then when the wind just stops?

This witty little gem is ideal to watch if you want a quick fix in cheering up. Lobel’s film is a quirky short with animation that is simple but pleasant. It is definitely a humorous look at crazy extreme weather with a brilliant soundtrack by David Wind. There is little to not enjoy from this short because there really is not one bit that isn’t great. The animation isn’t perfect, but that is the point. It is completely full of personality that makes it a wonderful little slice of film to dig into.

[vimeo id=”80883637″]

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