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Short Film

A Short Mission: I’m Fine Thanks

There is only so much that an animation can do in a running time of four minutes.

To be able to portray the anguish, turmoil and complication in someone’s life is also a hefty job to pull off. However, in Eamon O’Neill‘s short film I’m Fine Thanks not only are we treated to a world of bright colours but also the hidden rage that we pass by every day.

I’m Fine Thanks is about a guy who has been bullied and picked on his whole life, amounting to someone that isn’t that special. When the girl who used to bully him adds him on Facebook, he begins to crack as his whole world around him comes into a sharp and ignorant focus.

O’Neill’s animation is a unique movie that has been drenched in this vibrancy. The cartoon element of the story is loud and crass, setting a peculiar and brilliant tone for the rest of the movie. Designed with a fresh style, I’m Fine Thanks is abundant with shapes and colour that tell a somewhat harrowing story in a fantastic way. While the story is nothing new O’Neil tells it in vignettes building up to a pretty bleak end for a movie filled with the spectrum range.

Winner of Best Graduate Film at the Ottawa International Animation Festival, I’m Fine Thanks is obscurely real and disruptive, proving that talent can come in many forms and palettes. And a provoking story can be told in so many different ways.

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