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Short Film

A Short Mission: Dark Times

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Well, more like the apocalypse in this holiday themed short, Dark Times.

Interestingly shot in POV format, Dark Times follows a Christmas Party at a nuclear power plant in Tallahasse (note the reference). When the plant goes into meltdown, The lead and others (including a festive Father Christmas) battle for survival against an unknown end of the world situation that provides it ample share of explosions and zombies to boot. Fast paced and ferocious, this grim look at the will to survive is perforated by Christmas and nods to remind you just how depressing it will all be if monsters attacked to ruin the yuletide celebrations.

Directors Peter Horn & Jared Marshall deliver quite the witty/scary movie that delights with the interesting set up and fully immerses us into the sheer terror of running around a forest from an unknown evil. And while we’re there, we get the chance to become a zombie and feel what it is like in the hot seat of an infected dead person, running around after victims. The end is a bit ambiguous and it presents nothing really new to the genre except from the vivid point of view. There is a smattering of guts and plenty of action packed in nicely under five minutes.

It’s enjoyable.

It’s festive.

What more do you need this week?

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