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Short Film

A Short Mission: Brain Divided

Have you ever been on a date? Wow, that makes me sound really lonely. Most of us have been on a date and a first date is actually the most nerve-wracking experience that you will go through. Your mind is torn. On one hand you want to have dignity, be poised and be intellectual. On the other, you don’t want your date to be bored so you have to dazzle and impress.

That is what happens here in Brain Divided where two sides of the mind fight to control Jon as he tries to impress the beautiful Scarlett. Unfortunately, his brain is split. There is the quiet Blue and the erratic Red. Battle for ownership over Jon causes him to turn crazy and freak Scarlet out completely, but can Blue and Red ultimately join together to save the date and help the boy woo the girl over?

Brain Divided is the enjoyable little short from The CGBros, a University born group of animators who have created this brilliant and breezy movie. Simple, the triumph here is how inspiring the technology is despite its creators being fairly new to the game. Feeling like a short you’d find in front of Pixar movies, this is a fun and light-hearted story that is comedic boasting an impressive flair for character design and expressions. Stated that this was a showreel for their University project, it is still such a fantastic effort that showcases enough talent for a more than lengthy career in animation, short and feature.

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