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NETFLIX Elects Action Pundit Arnold Schwarzenegger as Newly-Appointed Chief Action Officer

No one does (and loves) action better than one of the leading figures who helped propel action movies into prominence in the ’80s: Arnold Schwarzenegger. And for that precise reason, Netflix has appointed Schwarzenegger as its new Chief Action Officer, replete with a brand new parking spot for his vehicle of choice.

With the Austrian Oak unable to believe how much he is in heaven right now with this new role, subscribers can expect to sit back and let of some steam whenever they sit down to enjoy hard-hitting roller coaster rides on Netflix as the straming platform is all set to crank its action slate into the next gear.

Whether you want to catch Schwarzenegger’s first-ever television role in Fubar, Chris Hemsworth’s highly anticipated return in Extraction 2, a new season of “The Witcher” with Henry Cavill or Gal Gadot as an intrepid heroine in Heart of Stone, Arnold is working around the clock to bring you the most explosive series and films on earth!

The lineup is just as huge as Arnie himself so there’s nothing we can say to do it justice rather than to leave you with a brand new video welcoming Schwarzenegger to his now role at Netflix followed by the strapping list of new and upcoming must-watch action series and films Netflix has in store.

See you at the party!


FUBAR ⬥ Series ⬥ On Netflix May 25 ⬥

BLOOD & GOLD ⬥ Film ⬥ On Netflix May 26 ⬥

ARNOLD ⬥ Series Documentary ⬥ On Netflix June 7 ⬥

BLOODHOUNDS ⬥ Series ⬥ On Netflix June 9 ⬥

EXTRACTION 2 ⬥ Film ⬥ On Netflix June 16 ⬥

THE WITCHER SEASON 3 ⬥ Series ⬥ Vol. 1 On Netflix June 29; Vol. 2  On Netflix July 27 ⬥

THE OUT-LAWS ⬥ Film ⬥ On Netflix July 7 ⬥

BIRD BOX BARCELONA ⬥ Film ⬥ On Netflix July 14 ⬥

THEY CLONED TYRONE ⬥ Film ⬥ On Netflix July 21 ⬥

WHO IS ERIN CARTER? ⬥ Series ⬥ On Netflix August 24

HEART OF STONE ⬥ Film ⬥ On Netflix August 11 ⬥

LUPIN PART 3 ⬥ Series ⬥On Netflix October 5 ⬥

REBEL MOON ⬥ Film ⬥ On Netflix December 22 ⬥

BALLERINA ⬥ Film ⬥ On Netflix Q4 2023 ⬥

BELIEVER 2 ⬥ Film ⬥ On Netflix Q4 2023 ⬥

DNA DO CRIME ⬥ Series ⬥ On Netflix Q4 2023 ⬥

LIFT ⬥ Film ⬥ On Netflix January 12, 2024 ⬥


THE BROTHERS SUN ⬥ Series ⬥ Coming Soon ⬥

CARRY ON ⬥ Film ⬥ Coming Soon


OBLITERATED, SEASON 1 ⬥ Series ⬥ Coming Soon

PAX MASSILIA ⬥ Series ⬥ Coming soon

SWEET HOME SEASON 2 ⬥ Series ⬥ Coming Soon ⬥


BLACK KNIGHT ⬥ Series ⬥ Now Streaming ⬥

JUNG_E ⬥ Film ⬥ Now Streaming ⬥

KILL BOKSOON ⬥ Film ⬥ Now Streaming ⬥

LUTHER: THE FALLEN SUN ⬥ Film ⬥ Now Streaming ⬥

THE MOTHER ⬥ Film ⬥ Now Streaming ⬥

MURDER MYSTERY 2 ⬥ Film ⬥ Now Streaming ⬥

THE NIGHT AGENT ⬥ Series ⬥ Now Streaming ⬥

S.W.A.T. ⬥ Series ⬥ Now Streaming – Seasons 1 – 5 ⬥


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