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Cinema Chords is part of a passionate network of entertainment sites collaborating with sister site, Comedy Chords. It is firmly dedicated to providing cutting edge news to one of the larest current target audiences on the internet today – movie lovers. Advertising on Cinema Chords will allow your company to tap into one of the largest online communities in the world.

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Purchasing a banner ad on Cinema Chords only takes a moment. The system is completely automated and will allow you to upload your own artwork and change it any time you like.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

In addition to banner ads, we have several options available to help promote your product or service. We are also open to new ideas so please take a moment to review some of these options and then let us know how we can help:

Contests and Giveaways

We would be happy to help promote your product or service by hosting a contest or giveaway. A typical giveaway post will display some information about your company or product, link to your website, and allow you to give away your product/service.

Sponsor an Article or Tutorial

If you would like your product featured in one of our articles or tutorials, please get in touch. If we believe that your product would be of interest to our readers, we would be happy to include it in a tutorial, or review it on our site.

Additional Ideas

We understand that your company may have additional requirements that are not addressed above. We are always open to new ideas and are happy to help promote your company in new and creative ways.

For any enquiries relating to the aforementioned advertising options please contact us by filling out the form below:


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