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47 Ronin (26 December)

47-roninHere we are in December and boy is it full of big blockbuster releases this year! Disney’s Frozen, the American re-make of Oldboy, Anchorman 2 and most notably The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug; but how about something a bit different?

47 Ronin sees the explosive return of Keanu Reeves to our screens, except he has hung up the air guitar and taken to the samurai sword instead! Reeves is no stranger to the world of martial arts and from the snippets we have already seen, he looks pretty confident whilst fighting magical beasts. Having previous training for The Matrix (1999) and directing and starring in his own feature film about Tai Chi, Man of Tai Chi (2013) this shouldn’t be anything he can’t handle. 47 Ronin is also filmed in the ever popular 3D, only enhancing depth and how immersive this blade fuelled fantasy adventure appears to be. ‘I’m digging the 3D’, stated Reeves in interview with ‘HitFix’ who seems rather happy with the results of filming in 3D. ‘It’s beautiful and they’re taking risks’, which only ticks more boxes when watching a film on the big screen. One for the IMAX, perhaps?

One of the most interesting facts about the production of Ronin is that they filmed every scene twice – one in English and the other in Japanese to tie in with authenticity of the tale. Additionally, looking at the cast list Keanu seems to be the only non-Japanese member in sight, making this a purely eastern creation for western audiences. With endless superheroes this year has seen, not forgetting the run-of-the-mill story lacking action films this should appease certain film fans. Ronin 47 explores traditional Japanese cultures, focusing around honour and revenge. This rather established approach is a step away from the ordinary western troops but a breath of fresh air when it comes to the usual Christmassy films!

Swords, Japanese culture, all things fantastical and skilled fighters, what is there not to like? However, this film may not be for everyone and it shall be interesting to see what it brings to the box office. Despite that, we at cinema chords are raring to see what Reeves and this very eastern tale can deliver to our screens. Ronin 47 is released on 26th December.

Gloria Daniels-Moss


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