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Films to End the Year in Style

Frozen (6 December)


Disney’s latest animated offering Frozen hits cinemas in the UK on Friday and judging by the response of early critics, it’s certainly one to watch! Flying the Pixar nest, Disney have proven themselves more than capable of producing credible and enjoyable CGI-animated flicks independent of the American computer animation studio, with titles such as Tangled and the Oscar-nominated Wreck-It-Ralph under their belts already. Gone are the days of Disney-Pixar films being the sole CGI-animated event of the year, Disney are firmly establishing themselves as a company able to craft thoughtful and meaningful CGI-animated feature films with every bit as much depth as their past Pixar collabs! Perhaps they’ll lend DreamWorks a few of their tips eh? Frozen is released in the UK on Friday 6th December – not one to miss.

Zoe De Pasquale


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