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Mind-Bending “Coherence” set to take over the UK


Something special and unique is coming to DVD this February in the form of James Ward Byrkit‘s mind-bending thriller COHERENCE. The astronomical festival hit that was shown during last years FILM4 FRIGHTFEST and GRIMMFESTCoherence is one part sci-fi thriller and one part relationship drama which remains immediately unforgettable.

Taking place on the night of an astronomical anomaly, eight friends are enjoying a dinner party. As a comet passes above them they are thrust into a chain of events that will leave them (and the audience) stunned. Insanely complex but utterly compelling, it doesn’t take long for this film to mesmerise audiences with its many puzzles and paradoxes.

Featuring terrific performance from it’s cast including Starring Emily Baldoni, Maury Sterling and Nicholas Brendon from TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Coherence is an intelligent thriller which is masterfully directed by Byrkit. We can’t recommend this film enough and urge you to check it out when you get the chance. You can thank us later.

COHERENCE is scheduled for released on DVD on 16th February, 2015 meanwhile why not check out our interview with the director here.


You can pre-order your copy from Amazon here.


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