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Full Trailer for Reality Bending ‘Coherence’ Unleashed

The full trailer has now been unleashed for writer/director James Ward Byrkit’s debut feature, the part cerebral sci-fi/part relationship drama, Coherence.

Already a festival favourite, the film took home the prize for best screenplay at the Sitges Film Festival last October – quite the achievement considering the film relied on the actors’ improvisation skills much of the duration. The new trailer provides much more insight into both plot and tension as we crash a dinner party a group of friends celebrate on the same night a comet happens to be passing near the Earth’s atmosphere. When the power suddenly goes out, the group of friends soon realise that the only house left with the lights on holds the darkest of secrets as a “troubling chain of reality bending events” takes place.

Written and directed by Ward Byrkit, his debut feature stars Nicholas Brendon, Emily Baldoni, Maury Sterling, and Elizabeth Gracen.

Coherence is all set to screen at the Fant film festival in Bilbao this very weekend with Nicholas Brendon, who you will most likely recall from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Criminal Minds, in attendance to present the film.

We’ll leave you with the aforementioned full trailer for the film which releases in US theatres on 20 June and we hope to be able to report a UK release date some time soon.


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