Eduardo Casanova’s ‘Pieles’ (Skins) to Usher in FANT Bilbao 23

With audiences still buzzing about Eduardo Casanova’s directorial debut Pieles following screenings at this year’s Berlinale and Malaga Film Festivals, the film’s next port of call is FANT Bilbao Festival where it will play as part of the opening ceremony.

Casanova’s beautifully bizarre and twisted debut, co-produced by Kiko Martínez’ Nadie es perfecto banner and Alex de la Iglesia and Carolina Bang’s Pokeepsie Films, intends to highlight how crucial a role physical appearances play in the way we lead our lives. The main characters are all physically “different” in society’s eyes, leaving them with one of two decisions: To live as recluses for the rest of their lives or join forces and stand up to a world that only knows how to judge books by their covers and dole out insults to those who “dare” to differ.

Pieles ana

Pieles stars Carmen Machi, Ana María Polvorosa, Jon Kortajarena, Candela Peña, Macarena Gómez (who has attended FANT twice to date), Secun de la Rosa, Joaquín Climent, Carolina Bang, and Itziar Castro and news of the talent attending the event, which takes place on May 5th at 8pm, will roll out very soon.

In the meanwhile, sit back and let the pink take control in the film’s first trailer below: