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The World’s Weirdest Wagers

cheap thrills

It seems people will bet their hard earned money on anything, whether it be Rage Against the Machine beating The X Factor to the top of the charts at Christmas or if stars will cry during their Oscar acceptance speeches.

Among the most popular forms of gambling, after the National Lottery, are betting on horse races and playing the slot machines but off-track and off-course gambling is becoming more and more the rage with people betting on virtually anything that moves. Evan Katz’ directorial debut Cheap Thrills takes gambling to the very limits and to celebrate the film’s release we look at a few of the weird and wonderful wagers the human race has come up with over the decades.

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Let us know what the craziest thing is that you have ever bet on. Cheap Thrills is out tomorrow, 6 June. You can read our review right here and we’ll leave you with the trailer below.


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