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I’m Dreaming of a Dark Christmas

[By Jon Dickinson featuring words from Jackson Shrout and Tiffany Hall]

When people mention Christmas images of Santa Claus riding his sleigh in the night sky, his reindeers, christmas trees and brightly wrapped gifts flood our minds. At a time of year that is rich of good tidings and well wishes films like It’s A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol and The Polar Express are played constantly on our DVDs, in cinemas and other various establishments.

However, if you ever grow bored or tired with the busy shopping malls, the cheery carolers or the distracting shine of the tinsel on the tree, there is a way to escape the glee and embrace a more darker side to Christmas.

So for your enjoyment my fellow contributors (Jackson Shrout, Tiffany Hall) and I bring you ten alternative festive films that we think you should check out.


thumb-gremlins’80s movies don’t come more iconic than this.

Billy gets an unusual present for Christmas, from an old Chinese nik-nak shop. It’s a mogwai, and mogwais have three simple, easy to follow rules – don’t get them wet, don’t put them in bright lights and never, ever, feed them after midnight. But who’s got time to read the instructions on Christmas day?

Cue a small American town overrun by mischievous Gremlins, more comedic than terrifying all set to a wonderful backdrop of snow, Christmas trees and It’s a Wonderful Life. In one of the most memorable scenes in modern cinema, the gremlins themselves take a trip to the movies for a festive showing of Disney’s Snow White for a sing along like you’ve never experienced before…

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