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I’m Dreaming of a Dark Christmas

The Children

poster_thechildrenWhether they are fighting over gifts, the last cookie, or shrieking with excitement we all know how scary children can be at this time of year. It is with this in mind that we introduce to you The Children.

Directed by Tom Shankland, The Children is a British horror film which saw a limited cinema release in 2008. Starring Eva Birthistle, Stephen Campbell Moore, Rachel Shelly and Jeremy Sheffield, the film centers around a family’s Christmas celebration at an isolated country home where one by one their children fall ill and recover only to turn against their parents.

The film is rich of tension and builds its scares perfectly as the adults are attacked viciously by their own children. Complete with plenty of surprises along the way The Children is a slow-burner that rewards patient viewers.

So far we’ve had nine solid films that come from different genres each offering the viewer something unique to watch whilst retaining some aspect of the festive spirit. So what is this list missing? We thought long and hard about this one but suddenly it hit us in the face like a well-sharpened axe, what we were missing was the man himself, Father Christmas.

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